5 Questions With George

Infamous throughout the workroom for his ability to fix just about anything,  George Andreadis is a man with many skills. For the last 14 years, he has worked both in front of and behind the scenes at Makkas Workroom. 

From the early days on the road with Manny, when they took on their first major hotel projects while curating their coveted book filled with where to find the perfect sandwich or donut (Manny always had a sweet tooth!), to being the go-to person for showing new employees the ropes, George’s love for the work he does at Makkas Workroom is unmistakable. 

Taking his mascot-like persona with him wherever he goes, it’s no wonder he has made it his mission to learn everything there is to know about the business inside and out, unselfishly offering his knowledge to others to grow a stronger company together. 

We recently sat down with George to ask him about what it was like at Makkas Workroom in those early days and in the years since. 

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MW: What led you to Makkas Workroom?


I have always loved working with my hands and helping my uncles with projects around the house, so I knew early on that when I graduated high school, I would join a trade. While still at Framingham High School, I was fortunate enough to be in a mentorship program where I was paired up to work alongside Manny Makkas. Needless to say, we hit it off well. In 2010, shortly after graduating from high school, Manny hired me on to the Makkas Workroom team to help Phil with his projects. 

MW: What was Makkas Workroom like in 2010? 


There were about five or six of us, and we were still in the basement of Maria and Phil’s house. Back then, I spent half the time working with Phil, Maria, and the other seamstresses in the workroom, and the rest of the time I was on the road with Manny. We had just started ramping up on installations for Rachel Reider’s hotel projects, 76 Main in Nantucket and the Attwater in Newport. About three years later, I brought Vasili, who is also my brother-in-law, to Makkas Workroom to help us with a big job, making headboards for Rachel Reider’s 21 Broad hotel project. It was great having an extra set of hands (aside from Phil and myself) when it came to fabricating those headboards. From that point, the hotel and home projects continued to grow in scope, and so did our team. 

MW: What’s your favorite part of the job you do?


Honestly, I love everything about my job. When I say everything, that includes my 10+ years with the Makkas family, being out on the road, and on the workroom floor with production. Basically, the whole business. I also really enjoy the entire process behind the work we do, from creating work orders to fabrication to installation. My day is filled with ensuring everyone has what they need in the workroom to flawlessly deliver whatever our clients need. I support and assist the team on a variety of things, including everything from Hunter Douglas products to hardware and shade production and even helping with work orders.

I truly enjoy working with all my coworkers, Manny, his parents, the seamstresses, and our incredible designers. Thanks to them, every project, from the initial small talk to the final reveal, is truly enjoyable.

MW: What are some of the most exciting projects you’ve worked on over the years?


There’s been so many. But one of significance for me was our job at TD Garden. I remember using some math to help come up with an equation for the swag we had to fabricate. I was at the TD Garden pretty much every week during that time. That was a really fun one. I also loved working on The Claremont Hotel project with Laura Keeler Pierce. The Claremont Hotel in Southwest Harbor, Maine, was a large project, and I helped with all the installation across the property.  During the year we installed the project, I was up there once every other week from April through June. We had to get it done in waves. We went floor by floor as a team. It was me, Jeff, Anderson, and Vasili, and we had just made our way across the main building. Then Eli joined us, and we completed the other buildings and bungalows. It’s a great one to look back on.

MW: What do you love doing when you’re not in the workroom?

George: When I’m not in the workroom, I’m home working on projects—big surprise! Whether it’s my own or just helping family and friends with their projects, I like doing yard work when the weather is nice. The rest of the time, I try to see my family and friends, whether it’s spending time with them or working on something together. I like to enjoy moments with my loved ones. 

Thank you, George!

Team Makkas