Welcome to Makkas Workroom

The time is here!

We’re excited to officially announce our new name and new look.  An evolution 40 years in the making, the naming and branding around Makkas Workroom was created to better represent the expansive work that we do for and with award-winning interior designers and contractors across the industry. 

For you, the designers and developers we have partnered with over the last 40+ years, we’re honored to be your go-to source for an extensive range of intricate, custom soft design elements. We love that our new warm, vibrant and refined look more closely represents the high-end nature of the work we do for you and your distinguished clientele. 

We know that experience goes a long way these days. Makkas Workroom reflects the years we’ve dedicated to your business. Through our flexible, client-first business model, we continue to raise the bar and hold ourselves to it, providing high quality decor items that we both can be proud of.  We call this “The Makkas Standard” and it’s our unwavering, industry-wide commitment.

On behalf of myself and my amazingly talented and dedicated team, thank you for your business. We’re so excited for the years ahead and the opportunity to help change the world of design through the eyes of its most talented designers.

Happy designing!

Manny and the Makkas Workroom Team